Benefit's They're Real Push Up Liner


So Benefit just released their brand new eyeliner, and there has been a ton of buzz surrounding it.  This is what Benefit says it's supposed to do: 


Now does it actually work?? With one click the gel comes out of the top of the Accuflex Tip (which is something completely new to liners). The idea is to be able to glide it on and easily create a winged tip.  

When I first tried this I was super excited about it. It glided on pretty smoothly and my line was straight, but I felt like one click was not enough to do an exaggerated wing like I would normally do. I couldn't get the wing to be crisp and sharp at the end and the more I messed with it the more dry and flaky it got. I did end up using my liquid liner to make a sharper point. 

I'm very much on the fence about this product. I want to love it but I feel like I was disappointed, however I do think this would be a great product for beginners. It does easily apply a straight line and if you like a small wing it is good for that. 

I bought mine at sephora but it can also be found on Benefit's website.